RGOC / Food Pantry.

RGOC / Food Pantry from Yellie Torres on Vimeo.


Helping The Homeless / San Jose, CA.

Helping The Homeless / San Jose, CA from Yellie Torres on Vimeo.


The Department of Communication at California State University, East Bay

Narrative by Dr. Mary Cardaras, PhD

Places you’ve gone, Things you’ve seen, People you’ve met

A documentary exploring the benefits of study abroad from a student’s perspective.



This short documentary was produced by CSUEB lecturer Casey Beck. A lively and diverse group of people candidly discuss their own emoji usage and their feelings about other people’s emoji usage. Through the process, we learn both how serious and also how fun emojis can be and what our own emoji choices might say about us.
Directed by William Lawson.


This is America.

A student project from Eduardo Gonzalez.