The California State University East Bay Department of Communications proudly presents East Bay Live, a new student-operated radio station hosting a diverse range of programming and music that matches the diversity of the college itself.

Pioneer Pulse
Hosted by Mr. Miatchi and DJ-Nice
Your local bay area and Hayward news programming with expanded news coverage, special guest speakers and in-depth topical discussions. Get a laugh in and get informed as Mr. Miatchi and DJ Nice collaboratively take you on an informational East Bay adventure.

Pioneer Sports
Hosted by Jaime and Max
Jaime and Max bring you the most recent local and national news on sport related content and controversies. From Pioneer games to the playoffs, passions fly high as the two bring their thoughts to the table.

Pioneer Arts Connection (1:30PM-1:45PM)
Hosted by DJ Flip and DJ Throck Morton
Tune in to a diverse collection of popular entertainment news as DJ Flip and DJ Throck debate and discuss topical events and issues in the music, film and arts industry. Specials guests consistently join in on the fun. Be prepared for some facts. Be prepared for some puns.

Movie Mash
Hosted by Lucky Lenny, Throck Morton and J-man
Movie fans unite as Lenny and the gang review recent releases and elaborate on movie related occurrences. Opinions conflict and jokes are made, so grab your popcorn and tune in.

La Buena y La Mala
Hosted by La Buena and La Mala
Bring your Spanish A-game to the table as an assortment of news and entertainment is discussed ALL in SPANISH. La Buena y La Mala bring charismatic contrast and excitement as they discuss several relevant matters in the Latino communities.

Keep It Simple Stupid
Hosted by DJ Brian and Danielle
Brian and Danielle bring you info on everything television. From the newest shows on television to Netflix Originals, nothing is out of their reach to talk about.

F8 Radio (between programs)
Hosted by DJ-Nice
Music segment featuring independent and emerging musicians as well as live, in-studio sessions and interviews with artists and industry professionals.

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