Stephanie Maniche Bio

Stephanie Maniche

My name is Stephanie Maniche and I’m currently a senior at California State University East Bay, which was Hayward State many years ago when I initially thought about attending.  Journalism was an interest of mine back then but unfortunately, it was not a career that was as supported as it is now.

Many years have been spent searching for my professional purpose, not knowing that it had been in front of me all along.  I look at my search as many of you may look at dates until you find the one.   I dated court reporting, I dated many jobs that were uninteresting and unfulfilling, and I even dated real estate school but we broke up pretty quickly.

After taking time to focus on me and “Figure it out,”  journalism came back and found me and here I am a senior graduating in June of 2018 in hopes of finding success in my career.

What are my plans after graduation?  I am hoping that you will see me on camera providing you with the facts resulting from shoe-leather journalism.

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