Donnisha Brown

Donnisha Brown

Donnisha Brown is a summer 2017 communication graduate of Cal State East Bay in Hayward, CA. Proceeding graduation she is moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in public relations or a related field. She has aspirations of teaching inner city youth in South Los Angeles the ins and outs of media production. It is too often that marginalized groups in the United States have their narrative written for them, she believes if students learn early on to direct events in their lives they will not be forced to watch others tell their stories television.

When she is not in class or working Donnisha loves spending time with her beautiful nieces and nephews.

During her time in Cuba she was able to explore African roots through dance, art, music, and interaction. She was inspired by the Afro Cubans of Havana to explore the African influence in Cuba. Below you will find her favorite work while in Havana, Cuba.


Please visit:
Influencia Africana en Cuba