Communication Curriculum

Graduates will be able to make a positive, professional, and important contribution in the field of communication (Media Environments; Organizational Contexts; and Graduate School) by becoming inclusive, ethical, and effective leaders and participants in global and local communities.


The Communication Department focuses on the study, research, and practice of the “mash-up” in on-line, film and print media including journalism, video, audio, broadcast, advertising, and public relations. Courses involve substantial scholarly research as well as hands-on development of podcasting, filmmaking, and on-line and print newspapers, graphics, blogs, magazines, advertising and public relations campaigns.

The curriculum has a dual emphasis. In core courses students study and research the communication process from a variety of perspectives. In the two interdependent options; Media Productions and Professional Communications students learn the theory, practice, and skills involved in crafting comprehensive internal and external communication campaigns, from newsletters to advertising and public relations writing, editing, as well as, filming, and producing news, broadcasts, professional video, magazines, feature writing, editorials, documentary filmmaking, graphic designs and the use of the internet.

In order for the students to thrive in graduate school and the competitive market of the Communication industry, the curriculum requires them take up to 24 specialized lecture/activity courses and workshops, that give them experience with using electronic, print, photographic, and audio/visual equipment in our two labs and one TV/Podcast studio.

The skill sets that the students take away from the Communication courses are crucial for a successful career in the media industry as well as graduate school. Employers expect our over 450 Communication majors to acquire the most up-to-date skills in research, critical and creative thinking, writing, and organizational and media productions. Graduates are able to study, research and deliver effective and artful messages via a variety of media.

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