Dr. Grant Kien

Dr. Grant Kien

Ph D in Communications Research, 2006, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

Dr. Kien studies new digital media and conducts audience effects research, using qualitative research methods and cultural analysis. He has published more than 20 scholarly research papers, and authored two books (one translated into Russian). Dr. Kien has conducted research in seven countries, with on-the-ground experience in Seoul, Pusan, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Chiapas Mexico, Florence Italy, and numerous cities in Canada and the USA.

He has been an invited speaker at universities and conferences throughout North America and as far flung as Moscow. Dr. Kien’s current research focuses on the socio-cultural effects of media memes and memetic communication.

Undergraduate Classes:
COMM 3002 Communication, Media and Culture
COMM 3003 Communication Theory and Philosophy
COMM 3005 Qualitative Communication Research Methods
COMM 4610 Rhetoric of Popular Culture

Graduate Classes:
COMM 6010 Theories in Communication
COMM 6020 Communication, Media and Society
COMM 6040 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods
COMM 6300 Seminar in Media Studies
COMM 6550 Seminar in Critical Cultural Studies